PGLF Bulgaria through the eyes of Class of 2018, Brenno Erik

PGLF Bulgaria through the eyes of Class of 2018, Brenno Erik
March 23, 2019 Viktoria Hristova

Meet Brenno Erik


PGLF Bulgaria is happy to introduce you to Brenno.

He is a Bachelor of Media Studies. He worked as a creative planner and account manager for almost 7 years in advertisement business. Since 2014, he focused on cultural industries fields and social work. After working as director’s assistant of two multimedia art festivals of Rio, he is now a project manager at People’s Palace Projects. People’s Palace Projects is a British NGO that advances the practice and understanding of art for social justice. It promotes social exchange between Brazil and United Kingdom through research, art, performance and cultural residency programmes.


PGLF Bulgaria - Brenno Interview


How would you describe PGLF Bulgaria?

PGLF Bulgaria is a great opportunity to engage with diverse people and kinds of leadership in an immersible programme. You will definitely improve your life skills, not only the professional ones. In addition, you will change your point of view from European Union and Worldwide politics.


How did participating in PGLF Bulgaria affect your personal development?

The most important impact of the forum was that it made me reflect on my attitudes.

The programmer enforced the idea that I was following the right path, where empathy and a more humanitarian way of leaving and treating people is the most important key when it comes to our professional and personal life.

PGLF Bulgaria


How did participating in PGLF Bulgaria affect your professional achievements?

The participation in PGLF Bulgaria made me change a few habits. It help me improve my way of acting. Now, I understand that most of the times we need to prioritize things, like the collaborators that we count.


Which part of PGLF was the most useful to you?

I can say for sure, that the most useful to me was the networking. I liked how the staff team facilitated the exchange, not only between the participants but also with the guests, since Representatives from the government to worldwide companies and local entrepreneurs.

PGLF Bulgaria - Lecture


What did you learn or were reminded of at PGLF?

People come first, no matter the subject.


Will you recommend PGLF Bulgaria to othters and why?

Definitely! Especially the ones who are graduating or starting their professional life.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Thanks for the opportunity to meet Bulgaria and feel like home.