How to get to Blagoevgrad?

How to get to Blagoevgrad?
June 4, 2018 boiko

Hey there, future alumni of PGLF Bulgaria! We are here to give you some clues on your arrival in Bulgaria and most of all how to get to the town of Blagoevgrad where you will be spending a week during the PGLF academy! We would arrange a common transportation from Sofia to Blagoevgrad on 12th of August but in case you arrive earlier or leave later, there are some things you should know.

If you happen to come to Bulgaria by plane, you will land at one of the following 4 airports:

Sofia Airport
Burgas Airport
Varna Airport
Plovdiv Airport

Arrival by plane in Sofia

Transfer by taxi from the airport to Blagoevgrad

Have a direct transfer by taxi from the airport to Blagoevgrad, the price is 39 EUR for maximum of 4 people in a car. The company that organizes this and gives one of the best rates is Smart Trans.

Using the public transport

If you are at Terminal 2, you are pretty lucky. All you need to do is follow the arrows on the floor to the metro, which will take you to the interchange at Serdika station. There you need to change to the 2nd metro line. It will drop you at the Central Railway Station which is right next to the Central Bus station.

If you are at Terminal 1, you can reach Terminal 2 metro station with the free shuttle bus. It goes every 30 minutes between 7 am and 7.15 pm. You can also use a regular public transport bus, (No 84 or No 184) either to Terminal 2, or directly to the city center (if you are staying in Sofia).

The ticket price for the metro or for any other public transport in Sofia is 1.60 BGN. It is valid only for one trip, meaning that if you change a bus and a metro – you will need to buy two separate tickets. You can also purchase a one day ticket valid for all public transport lines for 4 BGN at the metro station.

Instead of public transport

You can catch a taxi from the airport to the Central Bus Station but you have to be really careful with that option because there are some taxi companies that will rip you off. In order to make sure that this will not happen, go to the official booking taxi office of OK SUPERTRANS 973 21 21 located in the Arrivals of both terminals close to the Tourist information offices.

Before you get into the car check the little white sticker with the taxi fares which MUST BE on the back door window of every taxi. Price per KM is around 0.70 BGN. In general a cab from the airport to the Central Bus Station will cost you around 10 EUR.

Once at the Central Bus Station, you can catch a bus to Blagoevgrad. Here is an online service where you can check available busses and book a ticket in advance (also in English):

Central Bus Station

Address: “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” 100

Once at the Central Bus Station, there is an option for a direct bus: “Struma 11” (in Bulgarian: СТРУМА 11) and the number of the bus company is +359878940130.
The price is 5 EUR in one direction and the schedule is as follows:
12:30/ 13:20/ 14:10/ 15:00/ 15:30/ 16:15/ 17:00/ 18:00/ 19:00
There are also other bus companies such as “Union Ivkoni” that usually have a different final stop but would pass through Blagoevgrad. The price is once again 5 EUR in one direction.
In one 1 hour and 45 minutes you will reach your final destination.
Here is a link to the website of the Central Bus Station: which is translated in English.
Trains are not a good option.
If you happen to arrive earlier and want to kill some time before heading off towards Blagoevgrad, check this blog post on things to do in Sofia.

Arrival by plane in Varna or Burgas

You should better take a taxi to the bus stations in these cities and look for a bus to Sofia. Trains are not an option, and there is not a direct bus from any of those cities to Blagoevgrad. Here is a link to the bus station in Varna; the bus station in Burgas doesnt’t have a website in English but the address is 2 “Maritsa” Str. From each of these cities to Sofia it takes approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes by bus. The price for a bus ticket is 12 EUR.

Arrival by plane in Plovdiv

There is a direct bus from Plovdiv to Blagoevgrad. Once again catch a taxi from the airport to “Avtogara Yug”/ “Yug Coach and bus station” (4 “Hristo Botev” Str. ). It takes approximately 4 hours and the price is 7.50 EUR. Here is a link where you can check schedules.

Prices for a taxi from Varna airport, Burgas airport or Plovdiv airport to the bus stations in these cities are around 5 EUR.

Arrival by car or public transport from any other country

Please contact us if you need any advice on how to navigate entering Bulgaria.